Annual Report

St. Vincent de Paul Society – Annual Report for 2015-16

(Fiscal year October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016)

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP), Diocese of Cleveland, is a local human services and welfare organization of neighborhood volunteer groups residing in participating parishes (“Conferences”) throughout the Diocese of Cleveland’s eight-county service area. Volunteers (“Vincentians”) provide immediate, temporary emergency assistance to those in need, regardless of their race, ethnicity or religious affiliation. Visits to the sick and elderly are also done on a regular basis. The SVDP has a Central Office with the Diocese of Cleveland which coordinates the local parish groups (Conferences) and hunger centers in the Diocese. In many cases, these groups make visits to homes before providing assistance.

In 2015-16, it is estimated that the 64 St. Vincent de Paul Society groups in Northeast Ohio helped in the following ways:

Conferences (Parish Groups)
People assisted – 126,995
Visits to People in Need – 14,886

Spent for food and emergency help – $1,666,986
Spent on disaster relief, special works & other parishes – $88,336
Value of donated goods & services – $2,284,398

Hunger Centers (7 in Cleveland* and 1 in Akron)
People Assisted – 128,150
Pounds of Food Distributed – 1,224,695
Spent on Food & Other Services – $143,358
Value of donated food, clothing, furniture, etc. – $1,787,637
*SVDP acquired three hunger centers from the Centers for Families and Children on April 1, 2016

Main Office (Diocesan Council)
Grants to Parish Conferences – $27,250
Value of Blanket Sunday Collection – $80,552
Spent on Other Assistance* – $13,984
*Includes disaster relief, back-to-school items, books for Seeds to Read, incarcerated ministry and other assistance

The 64 Conferences and 1,233 volunteers (Vincentians) are located within eight Northeast Ohio counties: Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Summit, Lorain, Medina, Ashland and Wayne.  SVDP members spent approximately 114,169 hours in this ministry and service worth more than an estimated $2,518,568. The eight hunger centers had approximately 2,276 volunteers who spent 50,979 hours helping people worth an estimated $1,124,597 for a total value of $3,643,165 for volunteer help.

The total value of SVDP assistance to 255,145 individuals was approximately $6,065,251 plus the $3,643,165 in volunteer service for a grand total of $9,708,416 worth of assistance.

Management expenses are very low because our programs are run primarily by volunteers. The expenses of the Diocesan Council are less than 5% of the total financial figures of the SVDP Volunteer Network and the work of the 64 Conferences and the five food pantries listed above. The purpose of the Diocesan Council is to support and supplement the work of the SVDP volunteer network and four District Councils.

Click here for a PDF of the 2015-16 SVDP Annual Report