St. Vincent de Paul Society Hunger Centers

Below are the addresses and hours of operation at each of our hunger centers.  Check the table to see which center serves the area closest to your residence.

If your need is other than food, visit the Find a Parish Group/Conference site.  There are over 60 Conferences/parish groups scattered throughout the Diocese.  Simply contact the SVDP parish group closest to your residence.  If you’re unable to locate a Conference close to you, please call the nearest Catholic church.

Also check out the additional social service organizations on the Other Resources for Help page.

  St. John Paul II
Ozanam Center
Michael Wittman
Ozanam Center
Ozanam Center
Fr. Hilkert
Ozanam Center
Woodland Hunger
Near West Hunger
Brookside Hunger Center Community Corner Hunger Center
Address Holy Name Church
8328 Broadway Ave.
Cleveland  OH 44105
St. Philomena Church
13824 Euclid Ave.
East Cleveland OH 44112
2145 Broadview Rd. Cleveland OH 44109 Visitation of Mary Church
93 Kent St.
Akron OH 44305
6001 Woodland Ave.
Cleveland OH 44104
3610 Bridge Ave Cleveland OH 44113 3802 Pearl Rd Cleveland OH 44109 8302 Detroit Ave Cleveland OH 44102
Open Saturdays
9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
10 AM – 1 PM
10 AM – 1 PM
9:30 AM – Noon
Hot Meals Tuesday evenings and Thursday afternoons served at adjacent Visitation of Mary parish

10 AM – 1 PM

Wednesdays, Fridays 10AM – 2PM; Hot Meals Tuesday-Thursday 4:30 PM Monday-Friday 10 AM – 2PM Monday-Friday 10 AM – 2PM
Services Food & clothing;
Hot meal
every Thursday
4 to 5:30 PM
Food, & clothing;
blood pressure checks on the
2nd & 4th Saturdays.
Food & clothing Food, clothing, household goods
& furniture
Food Food Food Food & clothing
Service Area Zip codes:
Zip codes:
44106, 44108, 44110,
44118, 44121, 44123
Zip codes:
44129, 44130,
44134,44142, 44144
All of Summit, parts of Medina
& Stark Counties
All zip codes 44102 and 44113 South to Tiedeman Road, North to Storer Avenue, East of West 72nd Street & West of East 2nd Street Those who live south of Lake Erie, West of West 52nd Street, East of West 117th Street and North of Clark Avenue